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PIMCORE: Master system for your digital assets

PIMCORE serves as a comprehensive Product Information Management (PIM) platform, uniquely designed to streamline and centralize digital asset and product information management for businesses. Its primary purpose is to provide a single source of truth for product data, digital assets, and web content, facilitating efficient collaboration and ensuring data accuracy. The key advantage of PIMCORE lies in its versatility, offering not only PIM capabilities but also robust Digital Asset Management (DAM) and Web Content Management (WCM) functionalities. This integrated approach enables businesses to enhance operational efficiency, accelerate time-to-market for products, and deliver consistent, high-quality customer experiences across various channels. PIMCORE's flexibility and user-friendly interface make it a powerful tool for businesses seeking a scalable and tailored solution to meet their specific data management needs.

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Pimcore applications
Key features


All-in-one MDM platform

  • PIM: Product Information Management
  • CMS: Integrated Content Management Solution
  • MDM: Master Data, single source of truth
  • CXM: Customer Experience & Feedback management


  • Data Objects configured by administrator
  • Seamless integrations with versatile API capabilities
  • Role-based data assets management

Stable & secure

  • Open source
  • Enterprise-ready solution
  • Regular stability updates and patches

Support by Treran team

  • Customizations with full support lifecycle
  • Premium support available
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Also offering PIMCORE specific services

Extensions development

With a vast expertise with PIMCORE our team is capable of delivering custom extensions for your product or solution.

Data integrations

Embedding PIMCORE into corporate solutions architecture, including custom WS development and connectors to existing platforms

Custom configuration

Some projects don't fit into regular OOTB models and require custom configuration for fields, workflows, processes. We're ready to deliver.

Chatbot development

Telegram and Signal messenger chatbots ready to serve as a customer-facing interface for product feedback management

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MHP Group

MHP Holding, Myronivskyi Hlib Produkt is the largest agricultural producer and exporter in Ukraine. The company specializes in the production of grain, cereals, chicken, meat

Case study
Perutnina Ptuj
“Perutnina Ptuj”

Perutnina Ptuj is an international group of companies with more than 3,700 employees in seven countries. Primary Group business is poultry breeding, production of feed, poultry meat and products, trade and services.

Case study
“Zakon Online”

Analytical and legal system ZakonOnline is an innovative informational system, founded in 2017 with the idea of ​​developing the most convenient and fastest one-stop-shop product for modern lawyers.

Case study
“Star Light Media”

StarlightMedia is the largest producer of video content in Ukraine. Every day, about 12 million viewers watch its projects. 80% of the top 100 advertisers in Ukraine work with Starlight. A leader in developing formats for integrating brands into video content.

Case study

Darnitsa CJSC is a pharmaceutical company founded in 1930. Employing 1100 pharmaceutical experts across 65+ production facilities, Darnitsa is producing more than a half of all types of medicines in Ukraine.

Case study

The Regional Gas Company (RGC) is a service company developing innovative and integrated solutions for the energy industry. RGC, which brings under the umbrella of a single brand 20 distribution system operators (DSOs), operates 250,000 km of gas pipelines and serves 8 million natural gas consumers.

Case study