Software development services: our core expertise

Having a reliable software development partner is required to run any modern business cost-effectively, with guaranteed business continuity

Security & Quality Guarantee

We ensure that quality of deliveries is considered a top-priority factor in all our processes

Long-term commitment

We strive for a continuous partnership, providing post-launch support

Professional expertise

Our team has vast combined expertise for end-to-end solution implementations

Our services: software development

How We Work

Led by high integrity standards and following the best practices


In-depth business analysis to define project scope, functional and non-functional requirements and perform precise estimation


Agile delivery process includes continuos improvements and quality management. You are always in control of development progress!


Transparent project reporting ensures stakeholders informed for the right project decisions to be made in a timely manner


Any addressed question, incident, change request or end-user request is analyzed and processed within our support process framework

Types of services we provide

Software development consists of variety of operations

Project management

Certified PM/BA

Agile and classic frameworks implemented by talented team

Business analysis

Business Analysts, CTO

Scope control, analysis and estimation phase covered by qualified team


Software engineering team

Senior software engineers supervised by technical (functional) lead

Quality management

Testing unit

QA process: manual and automated testing

IT Consulting

CTO, Architects

Sharing technical expertise we're leading you to the right project decisions

Solution design

CTO, Architects

Design a perfect software from high-level idea and requirements

Legacy support

Software engineering team

Analyse and overtake existing software process. Build new features and support.

Product development

Software engineering team

End-to-end product development, from MVP to mature solution