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TRERAN iTop AD: Custom Active Directory Integration

Platform: iTop 2.7-3.0

Module enables extended integration with Active Directory with custom import rules


Platform: iTop 2.7-3.0

Adds extra security layer for authentication forms with Google ReCaptcha service

TRERAN iTop Translations

Platform: iTop 2.7-3.0

Module enables easy localization of iTop and 3rd party extensions

TRERAN iTop Optimization

Platform: iTop 2.5-2.7

Module optimizes DB configuration and content to achieve performance for large databases

TRERAN iTop Queue Extension

Platform: iTop 2.7-3.0

TreRan iTop Queue Extension provides external webhooks for the entity's changes. ITop administrator could select particular entities, which will be monitored and then send them using JSON-protocol to the external web endpoint. For UserRequests only category/subcategory filters could be used. Custom authentication methods available (on-demand).

TRERAN Close Quiz Extension

Platform: iTop 2.7-3.0

TreRan Close Quiz Extension provides user friendly interface for Ticket caller to vote for provided solution by ticket agent. The asked parameters are user satisfaction and user customer focus (which is introduced in the extension). Extension generates special link, which could be used inside the triggered mails. It already could branded with your logo and custom CSS (which should be prepared in advance). There are several modes for voting elements: stars, slider and radio-buttons. Also, this page is friendly for mobile use.