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Discover a new way of interacting with iTop through our innovative Telegram Chatbot extension! Seamlessly manage requests, receive updates, and streamline workflows all from your Telegram app.

Telegram Bot iTop Extension

This extension not only leverages the rich functionality of the Telegram API but also flawlessly integrates with your iTop system, offering you a more streamlined, efficient way to manage your tasks and interact with your system. Here's a glimpse of what our Telegram Chatbot extension brings to your iTop experience:

  • Command-Based User Interaction: With this extension, your interactions with iTop become as simple as sending a command on Telegram. The chatbot is equipped to understand and respond to a variety of commands, making it easier for you to manage your tasks.
  • User Registration and Authentication: New users can register and authenticate through Telegram. This process is then followed by an approval from the iTop system administrator, ensuring the integrity and security of your system.
  • Ticket Creation and Management: Users can create a request of any type, filling out custom request fields right from their Telegram chat. You can view a list of your own requests, get detailed information and updates on each ticket. The ease of access and use enhances user experience and reduces response time.
  • Instant Notifications: Stay updated with every progress on your request. The bot sends notifications about ticket processing, changes in priority and follows the notification workflows. Now, you don’t have to constantly check your iTop system for updates - you get all the information you need on your Telegram.
  • Attachment Support: Our chatbot also supports attachments in both directions. You can send and receive attachments of any type, making it even easier to share necessary documents or files.

Why its worth integrating?

  • Completed integrations 6 active chatbot engines
  • Requests processed 2500+ tickets created
  • Platform options Telegram, Signal
  • Clent feedback 97% positive

Telegram + iTop

The Telegram Chatbot extension for iTop is more than just a new feature; it's a new way of interacting with your system.


New features

Enabling your users to manage requests, track progress, and communicate more effectively, directly from Telegram app on their mobile.


Enhanced UX

By seamlessly integrating the powerful capabilities of the Telegram API with iTop, we are changing the way you experience your system, making it more intuitive, responsive and, above all, user-friendly.


Get Best Results

Contact us today to learn more about our Telegram Chatbot extension for iTop. Let's bring your iTop experience to the next level.


Treran customers are already leveraging the results of chatbots integrated to their business process. Basing on their feedback we have added most effective features to the basic extension.

Once your company requires more custom-tailored solution, we can customize the connector specifically to fit your company processes, for best results.

Once needed, Treran team can modify the solution to match other ITSM systems and Helpdesk solutions.