Case Study: Perutnina Ptuj SAP Access Management Evolution with iTop ITSM by Treran Systems


Perutninta Ptuj, international group of companies in food producing sector, recognized the imperative need to streamline SAP Access Management processes. While utilizing the power of iTOP IT Service Management (ITSM) supported by Treran Systems it was decided to utilize its capabilities for the Access Request Management workflows. This case study reflects Perutnina's strategic solution, implementation timeline, and the process management capabilities provided by iTop ITSM.

Strategic Decision-Making

The catalyst for revisiting Access Management process was the evident lack of control over the workflow and operational decision to utilize capabilities of the iTop solution. A robust solution was essential - one that would alleviate security concerns while expediting access approvals within a controlled process and defined SLAs.

Having the specific set of requirements, underscored the need for a flexible yet powerful system. With Treran Systems' commendable track record in the industry, they were the chosen partners for driving this component development.

Denys Horbunov, MHP

The iTop ITSM solution was a strong base for our Access Management evolution. With the expertise of Treran Systems driving the implementation, excellence was a given. The tailor-made access request approval workflows became an integral part of our operations.
Denys Horbunov, Head of SAP expertise management

Implementation Timeline:

Perutnina Ptuj approached this transformation methodically. Elaboration phase took 3 weeks, the primary goal was to assess the set of initial requirements, produce the viable solution based on foundational architecture and iTOP best practices. In the subsequent 2 months solution was delivered and successfully released.


Access Management, although sometimes overlooked, is an essential cornerstone for ensuring operational security and efficiency. Perutnina's strategic decision to rejuvenate their process using iTop ITSM stands testament to this belief. Their collaboration with Treran Systems ensured an unblemished transition, placing Perutnina Ptuj as an exemplar in the industry. This endeavor further amplified Perutnina's stature as an innovator, always ready to harness the power of technology for sustained excellence.

Perutnina Logo

Perutninta Ptuj, is an international group of companies in food producing and food-processing sector, has showcased a strong presence in the Central and Southeast European regions, predominantly in the realm of poultry production. The company's expansive operations, which encompass the entire poultry production chain from breeding and hatching to slaughtering, processing, and distribution, emphasize its commitment to quality control and sustainability. With a diversified range of products including fresh and frozen poultry, processed meats, and other food items, Perutnina Ptuj continues to reinforce its market position as a key player in the Balkan area.

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